This is the beautiful Christian wedding of Leanne and Scott at the Palazzo Versace Hotel, Gold Coast. A Versace Palazzo wedding video filmed on the Gold Coast.

Everything about this picture perfect, God-ordained wedding was absolutely stunning. I’ve filmed many weddings over the past three years, and I’m honestly very privileged to have been blessed meeting and filming for so many incredible couples. When I first met Leanne and Scott, I was almost in tears at the goodness of God. I knew His hand was upon this wedding and this couple, and I knew in my heart, this wedding was going to be very unique to anything I’ve been privileged to film.

On our first meeting, Leanne mentioned that they both wanted to give glory to God on their wedding day to which, thinking I must have misheard, I asked “sorry…did you say ‘give glory to God?'”. Leanne said “Yes, Scott and I are Christians.” My eyes nearly fell out of my head, not because they were Christians, but because God had given me a sign earlier that He was going to send some people my way to bless me with some finances as I had been faithful to God with the first of all my finances.

Leanne told me that she had been searching and searching for a Gold Coast wedding videographer, and couldn’t quite settle on anyone in particular. After some more searching, they came across my wedding videos and were 100% led by God to book with me. Leanne then also stumbled across my old inactive ‘Benny Kaz Films’ Facebook page, and saw that my last post had been about Todd White (a powerful evangelist). As long time members of Glory City Church, Brisbane (a church which Todd White ministers at when he’s in Brisbane), Leanne said “Yes we’ve found our videographer”.

Leanne then told me that their pastor Katherine Ruonala was going to be the celebrant at their wedding. This is where I started to get really teary… Since recommitting my heart back to the Lord, and starting Rhema Bible Training College Australia last year, God had shown me ‘The Normal Christian Life’ videos on YouTube which started in Glory City Church, with ‘Katherine Ruonala’. Long story short, I had always wanted to meet Katherine Ruonala in person… But the Lord said “No, in My timing, you’ll meet her”. So I obeyed Him. And now, I find out she’s to be the celebrant of this amazing couple at their wedding… Wow! Glory to God! What a blessing.

I am truly humbled and honoured to have been asked by Him to capture this special occasion for this lovely, Spirit Led couple.

We ended up chatting for quite some time… It really touched my heart, when I heard from Leanne that she had been praying to God for a husband since she was 12, and stood in faith that He would bring about the right one for her. Of course God, being such a faithful God, heard her prayers and rewarded her obedience and patience with the very best, Scott Lincoln. On our very first meeting, I chatted with Scott for ages about the things of God (His healing power, the God-fire in Brisbane, prosperity, prophecies and Bible Colleges) and I saw that Scott is a faith filled God-first gentleman that would lay down his life for his best friend and true love, Leanne.

Their marriage is a living testimony that God truly does give His very best to those that are faithful and obedient to Him. It was such a blessing to have filmed their wedding.

The glory of the Lord was upon the whole day. Everything worked out perfectly. The planning, the venue, the favour and all the people that came together to make it happen in only 4 weeks! The wedding coordinator David Carlo from Palazzo Versace was very kind both prior to and throughout the entire wedding day. Creative Cakes by Lisa did an incredible job on the couple’s wedding cake, and I had it on my heart to include several extra shots of her amazing cake art, which will hopefully promote her business! My assistant Sarah was such a blessing and really helped me film the ceremony and even got some great secondary shots during the balcony photoshoot! Thank you Sarah. Finally the photographer Josh from White Pearl Photography was a breeze to work alongside with (for the third time) and also great company on this beautiful wedding day.

As always, God was faithful to me in the editing of this wedding video. All the pieces connected beautifully and when I finished the final scene of video I was like “Wow, Holy Spirit you’ve done it again, it’s perfect!”. I’d like to give Him all the praise, honour and glory because He helped me throughout the whole process by empowering me with His grace (like so many of my previous videos I have filmed with my amazing couples). I couldn’t have done it to this standard without Him. It’s too good, it’s gotta be Him! Glory to God!

I’m so happy for Leanne and Scott, for meeting them, to have had the honour and privilege of filming their wedding for them, and to even be friends with them as we all move forward together into the future days with our great God. I don’t know how long I’ll be filming weddings for, but I’ll continue to follow God and let’s see what happens!

Finally if anyone is reading this and wondering about this God I’m writing about here, you may want to watch this video called ‘God is Good’ which I filmed for Love Joy Peace.

Alternatively if you’re a Christian, I’ve started a Love Joy Peace blog.

Glory to God!
Benny Kaz

A Palazzo Versace wedding video / A Gold Coast Wedding video by Benny Kaz of KazFilms Weddings

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