This is the beautiful boutique wedding of Kylie and Jo at the Versace Palazzo Hotel, Gold Coast. A Versace Palazzo wedding video filmed on the Gold Coast.

Kylie and Jo made arrangements to have me film their special day -whilst they were still living in Japan! They had come across a previous wedding video that I had filmed at Versace Gold Coast and from there I quote: “we watched every single one of your wedding videos on your website and loved them!” (I only found this out on the day I met Kylie and this shocked me to pieces. I’ve never had a bride say that to me. It was so humbling!).

Due to the distance I was not able to meet up with Kylie until the very day of her wedding. But throughout the emailing process right from the very first email I received to the day of the wedding -I had a deep sense of sweetness and kindness from Kylie that really touched my heart. Now I’m ‘guy guy’ and I’m not one to get super emotional but there was something really beautiful I could sense within this lovely couple even though I had not met them yet.

Finally the special day came and I was able to meet with them in person! Let’s just say that Kylie and Jo set the bar very high in terms of the most ‘genuine, loving, humbling and honourable’ people I’m very glad and privileged to have met in my life! Words can’t explain it, but I think anyone reading this should know how awesome this couple is both for each other as well as the many lives they’ve touched in their time :)

After the wedding and they had flown back to Japan, I wrote this to Kylie: ‘You’ve both got such a massive heart for people, and the very kindest and humbling of personalities -a perfect and blessed fit it’s really touched me ;’) And I’m so genuinely happy for your marriage! I also truly hope we may meet again in the near future.’

Take care Kylie and Jo,
Much love and blessings to you both

Benny Kaz 2014

A Versace Palazzo wedding video / A Gold Coast Wedding video by Benny Kaz of KazFilms Weddings

Photography by Lauren & her assistant Tara of Lauren Joy Photography:

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