The beautiful boutique wedding of Erin and Lee at the Palazzo Versace Hotel, Gold Coast. A Palazzo Versace Hotel wedding video filmed on the Gold Coast.

The kind hospitality of this couple was the probably one of the best highlights of filming this wedding (the second wedding I had ever filmed). Despite the fact it was THEIR special day, they would go out of their way to make sure I was alright, if I needed a drink or if I needed help carrying my gear. My assistant couldn’t make it to the wedding so I was filming alone for this one, but everything ran super smoothly and the final video turned out a lot better than what I had in mind :)

I was stoked to hear from Erin + Lee that “we are 100% in love with your work! We have watched the highlight video over & over again, and will many times over the years. -thank you for doing such an awesome job!”

The staff at the Gold Coast Versace Palazzo were also super friendly :) The wedding co-ordinator Teegan Deck even offered to help me second shoot the ceremony as I was down an assistant (though I kindly declined haha).

I also had the honour of working alongside the amazing Natalie of Milque Photography who photographed the wedding of the legendary QLD football player -Darren Lockyer. Finally to top things off, to an already sweet wedding, Natalie and I were both unexpectedly treated to a gourmet seafood buffet dinner thanks to the super kind Erin and Lee :)

This was one wedding I was very honoured to film and be a part of so a massive THANK YOU and congratulations to the newly-wed Erin and Lee!

A Palazzo Versace Hotel wedding video / A Gold Coast Wedding video by Benny Kaz of KazFilms Weddings

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